Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yellowstone Trip for Gabe, Nana and Papa

Heading out on our adventure!

Gabe and Nana at Idaho Falls

Gabe at Midway Geysers

Papa, Gabe and Nana at the Fountain Paint Pots

Gabe and Old Faithful

Just having fun in Island Park

Last week we took our oldest grandson, Gabe, to Yellowstone to celebrate his 8th birthday and baptism. He was so excited to go and acted like such a gentleman during the entire trip. It was so fun to start this tradition with him. We hope to be able to take each of our grandchildren on a similar trip when they turn eight. It is so amazing to see how Gabe has grown and matured since his premature birth at 3 pounds 8 years ago. We are very proud of him!!

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  1. How fun is that?! What a lucky kid! I want a grandma to take me on a trip like that.... ;)